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Rob Dyrdek

(Entreprenuer, actor, TV star and host of MTV’s Ridiculousness) 

“More than just winning in the music game, this book & course is really a blueprint for how to win at life”

Charlamagne Tha God 

(Best selling Author, TV and radio host of 
The Breakfast Club)

“F.T.F Face the Facts that Clinton Sparks is an innovator and if you want to Fix The Future of the culture make sure you study the blueprint of what he’s built and GET FAMILIAR with this book & course!!!”

Jermaine Dupri 

(Grammy winning, multi platinum music producer, TV star and music industry mogul.)

“Clinton is a writer, a producer, a DJ, he’s done dam near everything. So, If you have questions about the music business, the answers are in this book & course.”

Teddy Riley

(Legendary Music producer and artist)

“Clinton Sparks always delivers in real life and continues to deliver in this book. If you take your career serious and you want to learn from someone who knows what he’s talking about because he has done it, then you need to read this book and watch his course. Clinton Sparks is a legend and he will show you how to become one too. Get Familiar."

Angela Yee

(Radio Host on the nationally syndicated radio show, The Breakfast Club)

“My first real interaction with Clinton Sparks was because of an interview I did at Shade 45 with Jay Z. I was on the morning show with Cipha Sounds and Clinton hit me up to tell me he loved the interview and was going to use it on his mixtape. Then he asked me to come to Boston once a week to do his radio show there with him. I was new to radio and he was the first person to ever believe in me as a personality, and it’s still one of my biggest co-signs to date.

Zach Katz  

(Former President of BMG 
and CEO of Raised in Space)

“A must-read book  & course about believing in yourself and taking all the right steps towards success in the music business and beyond. Personal, inspiring and highly actionable, Clinton delivers a masterful handbook for reaching your greatest goals”. 

Mike Caren 

(CEO and founder of Artist Partner Group and Artist Publishing Group (APG) and Creative Officer at Warner Music Group. Former Executive Vice President of A&R at Atlantic records. 

“Clinton Sparks has successfully molded his personal journey, challenges and success into actionable tools for the next generation of talented dreamers. You can read the book in a single sitting but revisit sections for years. Check it out and have you highlighter handy.”

Paul Rosenberg 

(Eminem’s mgr, Co-Founder and owner or Shady Records and former CEO of Def Jam Records) 

"Clinton has been a hustler since the time I first met him 20 years ago when he somehow hustled his way into an Eminem interview live from his Moms’ basement. His relentless pursuit of success and the desire to win has proven helpful in many things we’ve collaborated on over the years-from his time on SiriusXM’s Shade45 to the creation of classic Shady mixtapes. Clinton is a grinder and the results speak for themselves- learn how he does it, check out the book!”

Fatman Scoop 

(Grammy winning artist and radio personality.)

“Clinton is a true hitmaker, DJ and force in the music game. Just being the man who introduced the world to DJ SNAKE is a confirmation of that. His insight, experience, and foresight make him someone to definitely listen to. 💯💯💯💯💯💯#facts”

Datwon Thomas

 (Editor in Chief - VIBE magazine)

"Clinton Sparks can see the future and that encompasses the future in different music genres. Whether In music, radio, live events, gaming, social media, etc, he understands the potential and stock of talent, which is why he as an individual is so successful in his endeavors while bringing others along with him. Plus, he's mad funny.”

Terrence J

 (Actor, model, entertainment reporter and businessman)

“I’ve watched Clinton help and lead the way for so many to succeed in the music business. I’ve admired his work ethic and hustle for years and can’t think of anyone as qualified to help you understand what it truly takes to win big. If you take your career serious then you need this book.”


(Founder and CEO of Young & Reckless clothing and reality TV star.) 

“Clinton is a writer, a producer, a DJ, he’s done dam near everything. So, If you have questions about the music business, the answers are in this book & course.”